Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grand Baccus Hall

Not the actual room for ~140 people. Room is actually behind the divider to the left, but was being used for a ceremony (and later a reception) at the time. This room was for ~250 people, an Indian wedding.

Nice hall on the interior. Good in the sense that they cater to their customers ethnic food needs...which is nice. Prices are pretty decent. Outside is railroad tracks, grass and road--similar to The School's outside.

Old Mill

Images are in reverse order

Patio that Guild Hall walks out to. Private patio.
View from the patio

Wedding Garden. If you wanted to have the ceremony on the grounds. HAve to decorate it yourself

the chair covers and linens they provide
the room (Guild Hall), on the main floor. Two others in the basement of Old mill are nice too, but this one has a patio that walks out
the patio that walks out

chairs for this wedding are not part of the Old Mill package, were brought in from external company at $6.50 a pop. ~135 people in this current setup

Beautiful venue. Can have many weddings going on at once. Person we talked to went out of their way to fit us into her schedule, was very nice about everything. Great that they printed out a price estimate for us.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Doctor's House upper floor

Two rooms available upstairs (one for cocktails, larger one for the reception). Heritage hall max capacity 140.

The Doctor's House Lower floor

Min-Max. capacity 60-100, set up for a wedding. The great hall

Probably the Garden room (120 capacity), walks out onto a really nice patio and the gardens. Ceremony can take place there.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Toronto Botanical Gardens

- max. capacity $200
- separate hall rental + hire catering
- very nice, possible outdoor ceremony
- no photos of hall (wedding currently taking place)
- Edwards Garden and Toronto botanical are side by side, very beautiful but have to buy city permit for wedding photography

The School Fine Dining

- reasonable price, close to home
- can have the whole restaraunt on the long weekend in May
- nice little outdoor patio (not big enough for the ceremony)
- not the most aesthetic surroundings
- don't do too many weddings normally
- would have to find a separate place for the ceremony
- not a great price ($90pp most expensive option)

Sunday, May 16, 2010